Construction and trial

experience, know-how and innovation

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An important story

The manufacturing tradition combined with the most innovative technologies

Production departments with the right mix of flexibility and specialization, managed with an organizational model set up to meet the demands of the most discerning markets, and supplemented by a trial department which can simulate the production process of the customer.

Mould construction

The Ses workshop construction moulds has historically been the flagship of the company: the competence of the operators, combined with a first-class equipment, allows you to develop the construction of the mould quickly and with great reliability, minimizing the step of post-trial finalizing.

Case histories

Trial and finalizing

njection presses up to 3000T, inside the SES establishments, allow to trial the vast majority of the moulds produced: this permits instant feedback and speed up finalizing. The final trial is done by simulating the conditions of the production process, to deliver to customers moulds ready to quick and efficient production start-up.

Case histories

Start of production

Production start-up at the customer is a very important moment because it affects its efficiency; SES has a technical team dedicated to this stage, willing to travel at any manufacturing site, and able to set the optimal parameters for the injection moulding in a short time and with maximum efficiency.

Case histories