Engineering and design

the importance of preventing criticality

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Support the customer
in every phase of the project

From engineering.

The initial phase of each project is essential to its success, because it allows identification of all the aspects that can affect the performance of components and tools, and to intervene when the impact on cost and time is limited.


The interaction with the technical team of the client permits you to combine synergistically their respective competences and to analyze the project from all points of view: functionality, structure, printability, mould. The experience gained over the years by the SES staff and its partners allows to sustain the customer and to support it in defining the optimum geometry of the components to be produced.

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The preliminary analysis of the critical issues is supported by the expert use of simulation software, which test both the structural and functional aspects of the new geometries, both rheological and of process. This allows you to virtually validate the product and the process and to transfer, to anyone designing the mould, useful information to make the process robust and efficient.

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The combination of information resulting from engineering and simulation steps is used for the industrialization phase, in which the geometry of the component is analyzed both from the point of view of the mould and the productive process: this allows to identify the ideal choices for configuration of the moulds, considering also of best use of the installations of the client (injection points, number of fingerprint, single moulds or family-tools).

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Mould design

A technical office equipped, competent and experit is able to effectively transfer to mould project the choices of the industrialization; this will charactherized by high reliability, productivity and performance, with solutions designed specifically for each application (choise of materials, critical areas indentification for cooling, version changes, handling, sizing).

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